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“To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you”

Year:  IFBB Event:
2003: Norwegian Championship, Fitness, 1st
2005: Exhale Weekend Västeraas Sweden, Bodyfitness, 3rd
2005: Exhale Open Hamar, Bodyfitness, 2nd
2005: Sandefjord Open, Bodyfitness, 1st
2005: Oslo Grand Prix, Bodyfitness, 4th
2005: World Championship, Spain, Bodyfitness, 16th
2005: Larvik International Grand Prix, Bodyfitness, 3rd
2005: Norwegian Championship, Bodyfitness, 3rd
2006: Loaded Cup Denmark, Bodyfitness, 1st + Overall
2006: Oslo Grand Prix, Bodyfitness, 3rd
2009: Norwegian Championship, Bodyfitness, 4th
2009: Nordic Championship, Bodyfitness, 3rd
2010: Oslo Grand Prix, Bodyfitness, 2nd
2010: European Championship, Serbia, Bodyfitness, 1st
2010: World Championship, Mexico City, Bodyfitness, 1st + Overall 😀
2014: Comeback!!  – Oslo Grand Prix, Bodyfitness, 2nd place
2014: Norwegian Championship, Bodyfitness, 3rd
2016: Oslo Grand Prix, Bodyfitness, 2nd
2017: Oslo Grand Prix, Bodyfitness, 3rd
*** Og da var jeg ferdig og fornøyd❤
⇓ Bodyfitness Oslo Grand Prix 2017:
Bodyfitness Oslo Grand Prix 2016 – Happy Silver-Girl
OGP 9.4.16 Silver again
My Comeback, 4 years later.. Bodyfitness Oslo Grand Prix 2014
GPScene_2014-796 - Kopi

Foto: Jon Klasbu (

Fra VM i Mexico, 2010


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