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How it all started..

I was born May 19th 1980, and grew up in a quite small place, on the west coast of Norway. My great interest in and passion for fitness and training began at the age of 11, when I started doing jazz ballet. Later on, throughout my early years, I trained a lot of aerobics, step, spinning and bodypump, and I just loved it! Therefore, at the age of 20, I took the education that was required and became Certified Aerobic Instructor. This year (2000) was when I moved to Oslo, the capital of Norway, to study, and I worked part-time as an aerobics instructor at a small fitness centre there.

My interest in, and concern for health and nutrition started at an early age too, and I soon discovered the importance of proper nutrition and how it was connected to training and physical exercise. I read a lot about the subject to get as much knowledge as possible, and I just found it to be more and more interesting and important. It is safe to say that “Healthy Living” already then had become a real lifestyle for me.

I was first introduced to bodybuilding and real weight training in the autumn 2001, and immediately became very fascinated by, and of course curious about this “new” type of training. I also went to see my first fitness and bodybuilding show at this time, and became very intrigued and fascinated by the lean, ripped, tanned athletes on stage. This was something I wanted to do too, and I really could see myself standing on that stage. My goal was then set; I was going to compete in fitness! My main focus now was to learn as much as possible about proper techniques for weight training exercises, and proper nutrition for muscle building. I was focused and worked really hard, and after a while the results started to show. My physique improved, and I got stronger. This progress was great motivation for me, and it made me work even harder towards my goal. I felt that this had become a true passion, something that inspired and motivated me, and kept me going, no matter how complicated life around me might be. Pushing my limits at the gym, made me feel alive, and gave me something to hold on to, and it still do. The gym is my “sanctuary”, the very place my mind can be at rest, while I focus on doing what I love.

Two years later (2003) my goal was realized, and I even got 1st place and gold medal in the Norwegian Fitness Championship. Since then, I have been in 15 contests, with great resilts! (See contest history here)

Training, Nutrition, Health and Fitness are my greatest interests in life, and the very basis of the lifestyle I have chosen. I have acquired quite a lot of knowledge and experience so far after almost 13 years of weight training, in addition to proper nutrition and healthy living, so in 2009 I decided to complete this with the proper education. I therefore chose an international well acknowledged study (USPTA), and became PROPTA Certified Professional Private Trainer and Nutrition Technician.

2010 was the year I became a champion! First, I won the European Bodyfitness Championship, then I conquered the WORLD and became
Overall World Bodyfitness Champion! This has been an amazing experience so far, and I am now ready for the next level.. I am motivated, and my biggest dream rigjt now is to visit the US and Muscle Beach..

“First, say to yourself what you would be. Then do what you have to do.”

– Epicteus, great Greek Philosopher.


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