..is it ever going to be easy?

Ξ October 23rd, 2011 | → 3 Comments | ∇ Words & Wisdom |

..Someone once said to me:

“..We meet some wrong people in a right time, only to learn the right reasons, when we meet the right people in the right time.. Otherwise, we will always see the wrong people in the wrong time, even if they were the right people in the right time..”

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..Anyway, I guess the really hard part in all this is, that we don’t really (yet) maybe understand why the wrong people are wrong – because it (still) feels right, or at least we think it is right, and it hurts to admit that it might be wrong.. because maybe it really is right, due to so many feelings that telling us that… and we hold on, and on and on.. too afraid of letting go… because that is the closest thing we have, at the moment, that feels right.. and letting go feels wrong..

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..Sometimes I really wish that life had come with some kind of instructions, and simple explanations, because trying and failing often gives some hard lessons on the way.. yes, we learn from those lessons, and probably need them too.. – but one of them, who may include a broken heart, is the most hurtful of them all.. feels like thousand knives through the heart..